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Gas Fired Annealing Lehr

Gas-Fired Annealing Lehr acts as an industrial oven used to temper or anneal glass in the production of glass. This is a crucial step in the production of glass, assisting in ensuring that the finished goods are robust, long-lasting, and error-free. Flat glass, and glass containers, are frequently produced using this machine. 

Industrial Ovens

Industrial Ovens are frequently used for curing, drying, and baking and can be heated using gas or electric power. Small to medium-sized batches of products are typically baked in this type of oven. Gas, electric, steam, or infrared are just a few of the ways that ovens can be heated.

Spray Painting Booths
Spray Painting Booths act as an enclosed spaces created for spray painting and finishing operations. Specialized ventilation systems are installed in the booth to collect and remove overspray and fumes produced during painting, lowering the possibility of fire and explosion. They are very effective to use.
Spray Painting Conveyors

Spray Painting Conveyors are used in industrial painting processes to paint or coat a variety of parts or products. Prior to being transported to a curing or drying area, the products are moved via a conveyor system through a spray booth where paint or other coatings are applied.

Automatic UV Coating Line

Automatic UV Coating Line is used to apply UV coating to various materials, including paper, plastic, and metal. The UV coating offers a premium finish that is long-lasting, UV-resistant, and scratch-resistant. A fully automated system that can handle high product volumes is the UV coating line.

Automatic Liquid Coating Line

Automatic Liquid Coating Line is an industrial production line that is made to apply liquid coatings, like paint, lacquer, or varnish, to a variety of materials, like metal, plastic, or wood. The liquid coating offers a protective layer that improves the product's durability and aesthetic appeal.


Automatic PTFE Coating Plant

Automatic PTFE Coating Plant can efficiently handle high product volumes and offer a high-quality, consistent finish. Aerospace, automotive, and medical sectors all use PTFE, a non-stick, high-temperature resistant coating, extensively. Industries that need non-stick, high-temperature-resistant coatings frequently use them. This is safe to use.